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Agency Hired Respite

child in wheelchair with his caregiverWe at Creative Healthcare Services Corp. understand that caring for a youth with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities creates additional challenges that go beyond the everyday stress of being a caregiver. This is why parents and primary caregivers may need longer rest periods or access to down time. It may be difficult to find a qualified person to care for the youth. Respite help can offset the challenges.

Creative Healthcare Services Corporation has trained respite workers who will care for your youth in your own home or outside your primary residence while you engage in activities that you find relaxing, entertaining, or restful.

This type of break allows you an opportunity to strengthen and foster relationships with your children, spouses, partners, other family members, and friends. Respite can also allow you to catch-up on household duties, and even your own sleep. In addition to that, respite services will allow you to improve the nature of your caregiving activities through attendance at training and educational programs that will increase your ability to become an expert on handling the challenges your family is facing.

Respite Services can:

  • reduce stress
  • prevent family disruption
  • enhance relationships
  • avoid burnout

We are committed to providing respite services based on the needs of the youth and family in a family centered, strength-based, culturally competent, and community-based environment. It is our belief that the family or caregiver plays a central role in the health and well-being of the youth. Respite means “break” or “relief”.

Respite care services are designed to provide families the opportunity for a break from caregiving responsibilities on a temporary or emergency basis for intermittent or short periods of time. It provides care and supervision to youth with developmental disabilities, either in their family home or in a community setting, and the care is intended to be provided during the times when the family normally would be available to provide care.

Our staff will consult with the family and clearly state reasons and goals for the type of respite provided in a respite service plan. This plan will be reviewed every 90 days to ensure achievement of goals and track progress.

The type of respite that is right for the family will depend on what is available in the community, as well as the family’s unique needs and preference.

To set an appointment, please don’t think twice about calling us at 856-979-9690 for details.